Level Up!
Cats Versus Robots, An A Paw Calyptic Battle

Using the slingshot, help the knights defeat the monsters coming to battle them!

Cats Versus Robots by Margaret Stohl

How To Play

  • Move the mouse to aim the launcher ①.

  • Hold the mouse button down to power up, then release the button to launch rocks ② at the oncoming enemies ③! Blinking enemies need to be hit twice!

  • Hit 5 enemies to score points and advance to the next level ④.

  • Hit the enemies before they reach you, or lose a life ⑤!

A screenshot identifies the launcher, 1, a launched cat, 2, an oncoming robot enemy, 3, the score and level counters, 4, and the health display, 5.

Game Over

You scored: 0

Another one bites the dust!

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Cats Versus Robots by Margaret Stohl